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The Rezabals (husband Anders and wife Mireya) were folk singers in their youth but his family history lay in wine and in 1996 they decided that wine was where their future lay, too. They now have some 20 hectares of high-trained vines on the green, humid coastal outskirts of Zarautz in the small Chacolí de Guetaria DO. Their smashing, entry wine is pure Hondarrabi Zuri with an accordingly exuberant lemony punch, a refreshing buoyancy, bracing acidity found nowhere else in the peninsula and just 11% alcohol. Two other styles are made in very small amounts: Arri ('stones', which tells you something about the vineyard in question), which includes a tiny percentage of barrel-fermented red grapes (Hondarrabi Beltza), together with a most delicate rosé.

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