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Toro Albalá

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In 1922 José María Toro Albalá acquired and reformed the town’s old power plant and transferred the family wine cellar into what then became Bodegas Toro Albalá. In the 1970s, Antonio Sánchez came on board as the winemaker and sought to create a special, unique personality in his wines with a focus on ageing and the precious solera system within the winery. He created Pedro Ximénez with a distinctive Montilla Moriles character and vintage wines. The grapes come from higher quality zones in the Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Altos.

In 2013, Don PX Convento Selección 1946 was awarded 100 Parker points making it instantly one of the most sought-after wines in history. The current release of Don PX Cosecha is a sweet and velvety wine, made from Pedro Ximénez grapes harvested in mid-August and laid under the sun for around seven days to concentrate all their sugars. After the press, a sweet must is obtained and left to rest in stainless steel tanks for over a year. Full of raisins, figs and caramel sweetness, the wine is seductive and hedonistic! 



Don PX

1999 Don PX Gran Reserva

1973 Don PX Vieja Cosecha

1965 Don PX 'Selección'

1958 Don PX 'Convento Selección'

1931 Don PX 'Convento Selección' 

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