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I Pàstini

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A Latin pastinum was a hoe and, by derivation, a place where vines grew. Which rather makes one wonder why more wineries don’t have this name. But I digress. We have two whites and two reds from I Pástini, new to us this year. Locorotondo is a blend of Verdeca, Bianca d’Allesano and Minutolo: a straightforward, fresh entry-level white. Minutolo ‘Rampone’ is a step up, a wine full of grapey, slightly Muscat fruit with tarragon and coriander notes, from an old indigenous grape variety rescued from extinction in 2000. The come-hither Primitivo Tarantino is all sweet cherries and spice, and Susumaniello, from the grape of the same name, is an indigenous vine that at some point was the result of Garganega meeting a table grape called Uva Sogra. It’s a tarry, sooty, sweetly ripe red that would go a treat with grilled meat.



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