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La Morandina

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The La Morandina estate takes its name from the original Morando family, residents in the same area of Piedmont since 1580.  Giulio is the 8th generation and keeps a watchful eye over the 21 hectares of vineyards that cover the steep slopes in the heart of the most prestigious production area for Moscato d'Asti including the communes Castiglione Tinella and Canelli (the only village allowed to append its name to the DOCG a la Gavi or Tassarolo in Gavi DOCG).  The area is rich in marl and limestone which help Muscat a Petits Grains achieve its remarkable aromatic vibrancy of orange blossom, orange peel and candied orange.  The average age of the vines is now 45-50 years and Giulio speaks passionately about how this imbues his wines with an extraordinary capacity to age.

The must is held under pressure at just below 0 C until required for bottling.  When needed it is allowed to warm and naturally sets a course for a slow, natural fermentation.  A valve helps the pressure build to (but not exceed) 2.5 bar which preserves a natural sparkle.  When approx. 105 g/L of residual sugar remains in the fermenting must it is run off (under pressure) sterile filtered and bottled.  The wine itself is as fresh as you like with floral notes, grape, orange, peach, mint, bay, sage, fine acidity and well-judged sweetness.  

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Moscato d'Asti Canelli DOCG


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