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Pflüger - Organic & Biodynamic

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Alexander Pflüger assumed the reins from his father in 2010, although the estate itself has been organic since 1989 and farmed biodynamically since 2008.  The family have a passion for his soil and the way it is expressed in his wines and although not a member of the VDP (he’s in the VDP ‘Academy’ of promising young things), he uses their labelling system of Gütswein, Ortswein and Lagenwein.

Michelsberg is a Grosses Gëwachs and it shows in the greater degree of concentration over the Dürkheimer.  It’s the Bundsandstein, however, that is causing all the fuss. It offers exceptional value at the moment. Expect the prices to increase dramatically once he is inducted into the VDP hall of fame.


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