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Terredora owes its existence to an acrimonious split within Campania’s first wine family, Mastroberardino.  In 1996 the two brothers parted company; one retained the winery and the name whilst the other kept the vineyards.  Terredora now control more than 125 hectares of Campania’s finest vineyards located at the confluence of the south’s leading DOCGs: Fiano d’Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Taurasi.

Terredora is strictly Azienda Agricola, which is to say that they would never consider producing any wine from grapes which they themselves did not grow.  In the last two years they have scooped a trophy at the IWC and been short-listed for the Winemaker of the Year award.  Not bad in their first decade.

What first attracted me when I visited in 1998 has proved to be a winning formula: superb grapes and minimalist winemaking.  The winery is simplicity itself - lots of stainless steel and very little oak, a combination that encourages individuality in the wines.  The Lacryma Christi, made from 100% Coda di Volpe, is a good example.  All the fruit is sourced from a single vineyard on the slopes of Vesuvius where the mineral-rich soil delivers a nervy edge with citrus fruit unencumbered by oak.  The Falanghina (the IWC Trophy winner) offers more weight with pear and red apple.  The unctuous quince, pear and melon characteristics of the Greco di Tufo have ensured its popularity and it remains the estate’s most popular wine despite the fact that it is not its cheapest.  The Fiano may be expensive but it develops well in bottle for up to five years and picks up a spicy, nutty dimension with age.

The deep purple colour, soft tannins and exuberant nose of broom, violets and damsons of the Aglianico recommend it to anyone searching for an ‘all-rounder’.  It’s affordable, exquisitely balanced and quickly makes friends with sausage or charcuterie.  The Taurasi looks like better value than ever.



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