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Founded in 1959, Clavesana’s roots lie in the determination of a brave group of post-war winemakers who joined forces to give Dolcetto a brighter future in the Langhe. 60 years later, their ranks have swollen to more than 200 members cultivating 320 hectares of vineyards on the hills around Clavesana at altitudes up to 600 metres above sea level.  The Langhe vineyards in SW Piedmont are a UNESCO World Heritage site and are here planted to 80% Dolcetto in the Dolcetto-only Dogliani DOCG.  The area is characterised by steep marine rock faces known as "calanchi", which give the area its wild appearance and also serve to expose the limestone soils on which Dolcetto thrives.

Clavesana produces a range of other wines but the excitement lies in its skilful handling of ‘the little sweet one’ (Dolcetto).  Dolcetto has formidable tannins so it doesn’t need long on the skins to extract a medium ruby colour and the classic aromatics of forest fruits, berries and a nice undertone of clove and cinnamon.  It also doesn’t need any oak – this is a juicy yet structured ‘vino della battaglia’ and a solid bet with everyday pasta dishes and winter dishes. 


Dogliani DOCG

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